We’re so excited to announce that chopardredcarpet Palme d’Or, the highest accolade awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, will for the first time ever, be made from #Fairmined gold!

This is the latest step on Chopard’s Journey to Sustainable Luxury with Eco-Age and the Alliance for Community Mining. Fairmined gold supports marginalised artisan small-scale gold miners from South America


Livia Firth and David Gandy wearing Dolce&Gabbana to The Glamour of Italian Fashion exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London on April 1, 2014. @vamuseum #italianfashion #dolcegabbana #davidgandy #liviafirth #dgcelebs

Do you know where your jewellery comes from? 

Go behind chopardredcarpet's Green Carpet Collection, and read the story of the artisanal minining community in South America providing the gold for Chopard's Journey to Sustainable Luxury


Sustainable fashion: top 20 tweeters

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best eco-conscious fashionistas tweeting sustainable fashion news, views and tips

Livia and Colin Firth with Caroline Scheufele and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele at the launch of the new green carpet collection pieces from chopardredcarpet

Introducing @chopard’s L.U.C Tourbillon QF - the world’s first #Fairmined watch #Journey to #SustainableLuxury #Baselworld2013

Make sure you pick up a copy of this month’s Vogue Australiafor an exclusive interview with #LiviaFirth (in a stunningCarolina Herrera gown) about #Sustainability in #Fashion - just in time for Fashion Revolution day#WhoMadeYourClothes

Last year, the Islam Channel spoke to #LiviaFirth, Orsola De Castro and other campaigners about the tragic collapse of the#RanaPlaza garment factory in Bangladesh, which killed 1,129 workers. 

As the first anniversary of collapse approaches, watch again and remind yourself why we need to work towards a more ethical fashion industry.



Presenting our delightful choker using fairmined gold and certified RJC  diamonds.

"There is an obsessive, addictive quality to the spinning of yarn and the weaving of cloth; a temptation to get fixated and locked into the processes which run away with themselves and those drawn into them. Even in cultures assumed to be subsistence economies, women who did only as much cooking, cleaning, and childcare as was necessary tended to go into overdrive when it came to spinning and weaving cloth, producing far more than was required to clothe and furnish the family home. With time and raw materials on their hands, even ‘Neolithic women were investing large amounts of extra time into their textile work, far beyond pure utility,’ suggesting that not everything was hand to mouth. These prehistoric weavers seem to have produced cloths of extraordinary complexity, woven with ornate designs, far in excess of the brute demands for simple cloth. And wherever this tendency to elaboration emerged, it fed into a continual exploration of new techniques of dyeing, color combination, combing, spinning, and all the complications of weaving itself."


Sadie Plant, Zeroes and Ones (via knitqueer)

Today’s writer of choice is Sadie Plant, because clothing description porn. 

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